Hey Christians: Jesus Wasn’t Serious When He Called You Sheep!

In a December 3rd article, Father Ronald Rolheiser prods us to think about “Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.” He begins by decrying the fact that the recent upsurge in violence by Muslims worldwide has resulted in “huge numbers of people… becoming paranoid about, and even openly hostile towards, the Islam religion, seeing all Muslims as a threat.” He never mentions the victims of all this violence. He then makes the descent into the utterly ridiculous with the first sentence of his second paragraph: “Popular opinion more and more blames the Muslim religion itself for that violence, suggesting that there is something inherent in Islam itself that’s responsible for this kind of violence.”

OF COURSE there is something inherent in Islam itself that’s responsible for this kind of violence…it’s the ‘holy’ texts that are the underpinnings of Islam! Father Ron Rolheiser claims on his website to be a “Doctor of Sacred Theology.” He is a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America, and the Canadian Theological Society. Has he ever actually read the Quran or the hadiths? I don’t believe he has. If he had, he would have not been able to write the tripe he pens in this article. There are hundreds of examples in the Quran of exhortations to general (NOT contextual or time-constrained) violence against non-believers. Here’s just a few Robert Spencer has collected in his excellent post on the same topic. Either this priest…this Doctor of Sacred Theology…has not read the Quran; or else he is whitewashing, telling us a lie, writing something he knows to be untrue. I would rather believe a priest to be ignorant than a liar.

He goes on to tell us that the idea that Islam is inherently violent “needs to be challenged, both in the name of truth and in the name of what’s best in us as Christians.” Again, underscoring the obviousness of either his ignorance or his lie. He continues with what are becoming some tired old clichés at this point…the same old nonsense about how most victims of Muslims are Muslims, and we can’t paint everyone with such a broad brush, blah, blah, blah. He can’t come up with any true ethical or moral justification for what he is saying, so he doubles down on his ignorant rubbish once more: “But the Muslim religion is not to blame here. There is nothing inherent in either the Koran or in Islam itself that morally or religiously undergirds this kind of violence.” I cannot understand this level of either willful blindness or sickening hypocrisy. No actual defender of what is right would pen nonsense like this…and yet Fr. Rolheiser continues blithely onward:

“The word “Islam/Muslim” has its origins in the word “peace,” and that connotation, along with the concept of “surrender to God,” constitutes the essence of what it means to be a Muslim. And for more than 90 percent of Muslims in the world, that is exactly what it means to be a Muslim, namely, to be a man or woman of peace who has surrendered to God and who now tries to live a life that is centered on faith, prayer, responsibility and hospitality.”

This statement proves that Father Rolheiser understands Islam on only the most rudimentary of levels. He does not understand that, for a Muslim, there will never be true “peace” until everyone on earth has “submitted” to Allah. He does not understand that part of the Islamic faith is the concept that it is the responsibility of ALL Muslims to spread Islam. He has never read the parts of the Quran that contradict the most basic tenets of Christianity, such as the belief that Jesus was NOT the Son of God, but only a messenger among many others; that the trinity is a false concept; that Jesus was never crucified, and never resurrected from the dead. He has never read the many parts of the Quran which recommend that the Muslim never befriend or trust Christians or Jews. He is not aware that Islam and Christianity do NOT share the same God, OR the same heaven…according to the Quran. He hasn’t seen the parts of the Quran that lovingly detail all the sickening tortures that will happen to unbelievers in hell…including Christians. He does not realize that the prayer Muslims pray every day contains an invocation that condemns Jews and Christians. He doesn’t grasp that the only way to save innocent Muslims is to free them from the ideological strait-jacket of Islam. People who are Muslim are not our enemy. The ideology of Islam with which they have been brainwashed is the root of the problem. We desperately need some truth and clarity regarding this issue!

When Jesus called you sheep, Christians, he didn’t want you to take him literally. There are times when people like Fr. Rolheiser will appear among you, and out of either well-meaning ignorance or dastardly hypocrisy, try to quell the tide of truth that is beginning to inexorably rise worldwide. The mindless PC nonsense of Ron Rolheiser and his ilk will continue. But more Christians are starting to stand and realize that the truth of Islam is that it is not representative of anything resembling a real God, and, indeed, stands against the fundamental tenets of Christianity. Matthew 24:11 says: “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” Mohammed was one of those prophets spoken of here. Father Ron Rolheiser is another. Do not be deceived! Condemn these ignorant false ones, and stand for what you know is truly right! Christians are being driven out, persecuted, raped, murdered, jailed, tortured, all over the globe by followers of the religion he nauseatingly insists is ‘peaceful’…and all Father Rolheiser seems concerned about is the image of Islam. Doesn’t this feel wrong to you?

~Mike S.


WTF??? New Islamic Demand: “Put Muslims in Star Wars/Star Trek!”

In an article in the Washington Post on December 17th, 2015, Muslim journalist Haroon Moghul penned an open letter to J.J. Abrams, director of the new Star Wars movie. In his letter, he whined that although rebooting the Star Wars/Star Trek franchises for a new generation is an excellent accomplishment, he cannot truly appreciate it because he is so upset about the rising level of Islamophobia in the world today. Paris and San Bernardino caused a lot of Islamophobia. Presidential candidates are saying terrible things about the Religion of Peace! There are even “Americans (who) fear Islam and think our faith is incompatible with U.S. values.” Can you imagine such a thing? He tells Mr. Abrams there is an “away mission we need you to go on.”

Of course, you can guess what the mission is. Bringing Muslim characters into the franchise. By doing this, Muslims would have role models to look up to, just as Black and Russian and Japanese kids looked up to Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu back in the day. Moghul claims that including Muslim characters would “be so very faithful to the enterprise, too, continuing a proud tradition of breaking boundaries, of reconfiguring the stuff of our stereotypes.” He concludes with two sentences in which the tone is completely supercilious and overbearing: “A crew of Asians and Caucasians, Vulcans and Muslims (bottom line, there would need to be a few of us to represent anything close to global population stats, but I’d be satisfied at this point with one), … Make it so, please.”

I have news for Mr. Moghul. Muslims have no place in either franchise. What makes both franchises great is that the characters in them have not only freed themselves of racism, but also of the folly and superstition of religion. There has never been a Christian, or Jew, or Buddhist, or any other religion represented by a character in these franchises. As Mr. Moghul himself said, “Who (cares) about races or religions when there was an entire universe out there to explore and discover?”

None of us care, Mr. Moghul. Your request/demand for Muslim characters in these franchises is nothing more than a blatant attempt to exert Muslim superiority over the rest of us. We are tired of hearing sickening garbage like this from followers of the “religion of peace.” You display zero sympathy for the victims of Islamic-inspired carnage; your only concern seems to be more people are displaying signs of contempt for Islam because of the attacks! And your ridiculous solution for all these misunderstanders of Islam is to fill the bridge of the USS Enterprise with Muslims? Go away, Haroon Moghul. You offer no solutions; only obfuscation and nonsense. More of us learn the truth every day…Islam IS incompatible with US values. You can’t stop the truth, Mr. Moghul…it always comes out in the end. We are done listening to lies from people like you. Bottom line: Islam is filled with flaws. Something that is filled with flaws, logically speaking, cannot be perfect. So Islam is NOT a perfect religion. Allah is NOT the perfect god, and Mohammed was NOT the perfect prophet. I realize you don’t want to hear this, Mr. Moghul, but it’s true.

There will never be Muslims in either franchise, Mr. Moghul. Too many of us are awake for that to ever happen. And all the happy jolly propaganda in the world is never going to put us to sleep again. Your soul’s time here on this particular planet, Mr. Moghul, would be better spent in helping the world eradicate the scourge of ignorant, repressive Islam. Make it so, please.

The Myth of Cultural Appropriation: Delusional, Dangerous…and Dumb!

The newest fad among Social Justice Warriors is the concept that something called “cultural appropriation” must be condemned and eradicated. From Oberlin College students protesting the clumsy attempts of their college cafeterias to make fried chicken and sushi rolls, to backlash about Kylie Jenner wearing her hair in cornrows, to offense about a free yoga class at Ottawa College in Canada that resulted in getting the class cancelled, heated accusations of this new social crime seem to be flying everywhere. But what, exactly, is it?

Susan Scafidi, Fordham University Law professor, defines it this way: “Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission… this can include unauthorized use of another culture’s dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. It’s most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects.”

Making the food of a culture other than your own is not a crime. It’s simply making food you enjoy. Being offended because a non-oriental person tried to make food from your culture and, in your opinion, failed…well, if you think an insult was intended by this, you’re just too sensitive. Grow up, students at Oberlin College.

Wearing a hairstyle more traditionally worn by another group is not a crime. It’s simply expressing yourself freely. Who says hairstyles are the intellectual property of the cultural group from which they originated? Where, exactly, would one go to obtain permission to use something that is an aspect of another culture? Who would be authorized to grant permission like this? Are we honestly now expected to “stick to our culture” before choosing a hairstyle or article of clothing? How ridiculous!

And now we hear from Ottawa that the instructor of a free yoga class was abruptly notified by e-mail that her class had been cancelled by the college: “While yoga is a really great idea and accessible and great for students…there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice. Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced”, and which cultures those practices “are being taken from”.

The email went on to say that because many of those cultures “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and Western supremacy… we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practising yoga.” Ms Scharf (the instructor) said she suggested a compromise by changing the name of the classes to suggest “mindful stretching”, but was rejected. “I think it’s easy to worry too much about accommodating everyone,” she said. “By saving one person’s feelings, we’re ruined the experience for so many others.” Yes, we have. And all because some noisy, huffy group has decided that a relaxing activity taught by someone outside of the original culture of the activity is somehow insulting or demeaning to that culture. What outrageous, hyper-sensitive nonsense! Some people perversely need to feel like victims in order to feel good about themselves. We need to stop giving this nonsense legitimacy by bowing to it!

Patrick West, in his excellent article here, sums it up well: “Let’s be clear: there is no such thing as cultural appropriation. Why? Because ‘culture’ itself is the product of appropriation from the very start. Every aspect of culture comes from elsewhere. ‘Your’ culture isn’t yours, it is the culture of your ancestors and your peers.”

Should people in the west be offended or feel impinged upon because the rest of the world has unthinkingly adopted elements of western culture like cell phones, clothing, and social media without showing proper reverence for their origins? Culture is meant to spread in this way. Elements of culture are not trademarked. They can be freely used. Those who want to separate us by all sorts of cultural boundaries are no better than those who enforced segregation sixty years ago. I’m not going to feel bad about listening to Delta Blues music, eating collard greens, making burritos or singing in crazy Spanish for the hell of it. I’m not going to stress over the authenticity and thoughtfulness of my homemade egg rolls. Egg rolls aren’t oppressing anyone. Culture blend by individuals is exactly what’s supposed to happen in a free society! Those who want to put us in separate boxes according to the accident of our birth or ancestry are oppressing the rest of us. These folks would do well to remember the motto of our nation: “E Pluribus Unum”…’Out of Many, One.’ These social justice warriors who subscribe to this folly of cultural appropriation would do well to remember another thing: You are not the boss of me. I do not accept nor bow to your nonsense; I do not regard it as valid; I will never acknowledge it as having any type of authority over me or my activities, ever. No, I will NOT “check my privilege!” I’m NOT going to tell anyone what they can and can’t dress their kids up as (or wear themselves!) for Halloween, whether it be a Native Americans costume, or Jose Cuervo, or a Saudi prince/princess. Isn’t it exhausting to constantly be offended all the time? Oh, just one more thing: many Americans feel exactly the same way I do. Grow up, Social Justice Warriors. We’re tired of hearing you whine. And we don’t care if your tender sensibilities have been bruised. Toughen up, buttercups!

~Mike S.

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~Mike S.

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~Mike S.


The Muslim Reform Movement: An Illogical Fantasy that’s D. O. A.!

On December 4th, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and some others professing to be “reformed Muslims” held an event to announce the formation of something called the Muslim Reform Movement. The movement claims to be engaged in “a battle for the soul of Islam”, and their goal is to bring Islam, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. The list of issues their Declaration addresses is astonishing. Here are some of the highlights:

• They fully support the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights.
• They oppose all forms of violent jihad, and violence to spread Islam.
• They completely reject the idea of Sharia Law.
• They support complete and total equality between men and women.
• “Muslims don’t have an exclusive right to heaven.”
• They accept criticism of Islam. They reject blasphemy laws.
• “Ideas do not have rights. Human beings have rights.”
• They express support for free speech.
• “Apostasy is not a crime.”

These are, obviously, elements of Islam that must be changed. I personally support all the positions the group has taken on these issues. However, the group has insurmountable obstacles in its path in its noble quest to reform Islam. The first is the apathetic, antagonistic, and sometimes openly hostile attitudes of the world’s Muslims toward the concept of reform. CAIR, in their 2013 report, “Legislating Fear,” said of Zuhdi Jasser: “(He is one) whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes.” Other Muslim or Muslim apologist media sources have spoken out to condemn his views as well, including the useful idiots at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The evidence that Muslims are not thrilled about the Reform Movement is clear from a look at the Movement’s Facebook and Twitter followers, and signatories to the Movement’s petition on Change.org. There are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide; millions in the United States; yet followers/signatories are only in the thousands. More than half of these people are not Muslims, but well-wishing, willfully blind Social Justice Warriors. This, despite the slavish and widespread media coverage regarding the launch of the movement. One might think that with the recent terror attacks, all the purportedly moderate Muslims who inhabit the US would be eager to join the Muslim Reform Movement and disassociate themselves from terror. This does not, however, appear to be happening.

Perhaps the biggest stone in the pathway of reformers is the Qu’ran itself:

Qu’ran 5:3— “…This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

This verse, at the beginning of Surah 5, is the biggest obstacle. Allah has created the perfect religion, and Mohamed is his perfect prophet. To admit that all of these things are wrong is the same thing as saying that Allah and Mohamed were wrong about all these things. This is something that the vast majority of the world’s muslims are never going to be able to bring themselves to do. Admitting these things need to be changed is admitting that Islam is not perfect. If Mohamed was wrong about these things, what else might he have been wrong about? Would the religion of a true god contain things that were false? Would a true prophet have lied, or been misled? Admitting that these things are flaws in Islam brings the foundation of the entire religion down like a house of cards. It won’t happen. It’s much easier for Muslims to keep their skewed, intolerant worldview intact by accusing the Muslim Reform Movement of apostasy, blasphemy, and spreading fitna.

Yet another obstacle for the Movement is that Dr. Jasser and his comrades stubbornly insist that an Islam devoid of all these things would still be Islam, and that these things he wants to remove are unislamic. How on earth can anything out of Mohamed’s mouth be taken as coming from a true god if so much of it is false? What kind of deluded mind would believe anything worthwhile is left there to salvage? The Qu’ran could probably be condensed to a pamphlet if everything the Muslim Reform Movement objects to is removed. It wouldn’t be Islam anymore, by anyone’s stretch of the imagination. What’s the attraction in belonging to a religion that is no longer allowed to say it’s any better than any other? What’s going to keep people believing in the nonsense of Islam if there is no longer an apostasy law? Where’s the power in Islam if it can no longer rule over the people as a governing body? The Muslim Reform Movement isn’t an attempt to change Islam. It’s an attempt to put a stake through the center of Islam’s foul, black theological heart. Most Muslims are aware of this, and will vigorously oppose any change in the tenets of Islam.

As Angel G. says in my book, “You take out all the bad stuff, and there isn’t much of ol’ Islam left to kick around anymore…”

~Mike S.

Obama, Clinton, Dems right about ONE thing: “This is not who we are as Americans.”

Lately the Administration and the Democratic candidates have engaged in quite a bit of public shaming of those who would question the wisdom of allowing tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the country. They often appear pained , disappointed, and a little shocked at our behavior as they lecture us about our inexplicable Islamophobia and xenophobia. One phrase has appeared in the press with frequency. Hillary and others have said it, but the first usage of it that I can locate is from Barack Obama, before a rally in Virginia on October 4th, 2008: “This is not who we are as Americans.” When Obama said this on the campaign trail, he was talking about how the system allows medical bills to drive people into poverty and bankruptcy, but the quote has proven applicable to other situations where the populace seems to need to be shamed into seeing things as the administration sees them. The widespread public opposition to the refugee proposal has obviously caught the administration off-base, flat-footed, and by surprise. They don’t seem to grasp where the opposition is coming from, exactly, and so they whip out the old catchphrase again: “This is not who we are as Americans.”

I can tell you exactly where the opposition is coming from, Mr. Obama. It’s coming because Americans are gradually waking up to the truth, and they are not liking what they are seeing. Americans are discovering that Islam kills people for changing their religion. We are seeing Islamic countries around the world enforcing capital punishment for leaving the religion of Islam based upon statements from the ‘prophet’ of Islam, Mohammed. Americans believe in freedom of religion. We reject apostasy laws. We feel this is not a belief that is compatible with American values and morals. Looking the other way while 19 Islamic countries worldwide kill people for changing their religion…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans are finally beginning to understand the levels of oppression women consistently face in the Islamic world. From the inequitable marriage, divorce, and inheritance laws, to the unfair custody laws, limited job opportunities, segregation, and general sexism, many of the Islamic pronouncements of Mohammed that have been codified into laws regarding women are seen by us as completely incompatible with Western concepts of equality and fairness. Refusal to steadfastly condemn any ideology that relegates women to second-class citizen status….this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans have finally seen enough of gays hanging from cranes and being thrown off buildings and beheaded solely because of their sexual orientation…all because the ‘prophet’ demanded that this be so. Turning the other way and ignoring a repressive legislated ideology that recommends death for homosexuals…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans have realized that Islam stands in opposition to free speech. We have seen enough of the hair-trigger mentality of muslims worldwide when they are provoked by the unflattering truth about their ideology. We believe in free speech. We believe that speech is a fundamental right, and that the best answer to speech one dislikes is not to censor or stifle it, but to prove it wrong by logic and reason. A picture on a piece of paper harms no one. Words on a page are just that, and no more. Words out of one’s mouth are merely noises on the wind. And yet blasphemy laws are currently being enforced in nine Islamic countries and parts of Malaysia. Bloggers around the Islamic world are being harassed, jailed, and even sentenced to death— for some words they typed into a computer. People are being imprisoned and put to death for a perceived insult to an imaginary friend! We are coming to awareness…and we are grasping that Islamic doctrine is a clear and present threat to our most fundamental freedom: freedom of expression. Allowing any ideology to inhibit our freedom of expression…particularly when the expression of speech concerns something that is a fact…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans are waking up to the fact that cruel and unusual punishments are the norm for the Islamic world. Saudi Arabian beheadings, Afghanistani stonings, Iranian hangings, Malaysian floggings…the worldwide media is replete with examples of outrageous capital punishments meted out in Mohamed’s name for what the west perceives as relatively minor crimes. Beheading for sorcery? Amputation for shoplifting? Stoning for adultery? We are realizing that the ‘perfect prophet’ had some ideas about cruel and unusual punishment that are completely unacceptable in Western civilization. And we see our government making virtually no attempt to publicly condemn these outrageous, savage punishments. Using religion as an excuse for not taking a firm, unwavering stand against brutal cruelty in the justice systems of Islamic countries…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans are beginning to see with more clarity the relationship between violence and Islam. The constant terror attacks, slayings, car bombs, civil wars, and butchery serve as an indictment of the Islamic world. Of the 20 most deadly conflicts in countries worldwide in 2014, 17 of them were conflicts in which one or both sides of the conflict were Muslim. Being willfully blind to such an obvious, straight-up correlation between Islam and violence, when it is staring all of us right in the face…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans are connecting the dots. We are realizing that many of the refugees/migrants have deeply rooted beliefs in an ideology that is in complete opposition to some of our most basic concepts of human rights. We are seeing that some of these new residents are not checking their anti-American beliefs at the door. Rather, they are bringing these repressive concepts to our country and forcing us to accommodate them, using our own laws about freedom of religion and freedom of expression against us. We see a government that is strenuously denying that this poses a problem to our freedom and security. Being blindly tolerant to an intolerant ideology whose stated goal is the overthrow of our democracy in favor of a totalitarian theocracy…this is not who we are as Americans.

Americans are completely sick of hearing the same tired old lines from the administration about “religion of peace” and “nothing to do with Islam” and “tiny minority of extremists” and “twisted version of Islam.” We are tired of hearing admonitions about “painting with too broad a brush” or “abandoning our values” or “rejecting bigotry” or “playing right into the hands of the terrorists.” We do not take kindly to having the truth obscured from us, being played for fools, or spoken to as if we were uninformed, spoiled, racist children who need to be more accepting and less judgmental. We do not appreciate having our genuine and legitimate concerns brushed aside as if they were just more sad examples of lingering prejudice. Sitting back like sheep and doing nothing, while the government appears to be oblivious to our concerns and contemptuous of our feedback…this is not who we are as Americans.

~Mike S.