Islamic Terror Attack on Michigan Mega-Church Averted…Terrifying Wall of Silence From Mainstream Media!

On February 5th, 2016, an ISIS sympathizer in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, was arrested. His name was Khalil Abu-Rayyan, and his plan was to carry out a suicide attack on a church with a capacity of 6,000. He had access to an AK-47, an AR-15, and was actually talked out of carrying out his planned massacre by his father. The FBI has been surreptitiously monitoring him since May 2015. He was posting, liking, and commenting on many Islamic jihadi social media accounts. His statement about being prevented from carrying out the massacre is chilling: “Honestly I regret not doing it. If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.” Luckily for Dearborn, a bid by his father to have Khalil Abu-Rayyan released to his custody was denied by a judge last Wednesday, and he remains behind bars at the time of this writing. You can read the actual criminal complaint here.

You would think an event like this…a plot to carry out an Islamic-inspired religious massacre averted by both the FBI and a Muslim with a scrap of true conscience…would be incredibly newsworthy. Try googling “Khalil Abu-Rayyan” and then click “news” under the search bar. A few Detroit papers and local Detroit TV news affiliates picked up the story, as did a couple of British newspapers, along with a few very minor players in the internet news business. NO CNN coverage. NO Fox News coverage. NO New York Times, or New York Post, or Washington Post, or MSNBC, or Los Angeles Times, or even Newsmax.

Why? What are they trying to hide from us? Is anyone behind the orchestration of this wall of silence? This wall grows ever more rock-solid with each Islamic attack that is thwarted. If all the attacks that have been prevented had instead been carried out, there would be thousands dead in this country. Prevention of an Islamic attack is something we, as citizens, need to be informed about. The security and safety of citizens that comes with vigilance and awareness is far more important than political correctness or anyone’s “sensitivities.” Are we on a news blackout when it comes to the terrorists already among us? Is it THAT important to them to keep the sheeple safely asleep?

~Mike S.


Drafting Dr. Seuss For The Propaganda War Against Islam!

Many people aren’t aware that Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was a prolific political cartoonist before he began writing children’s books. He created pieces that chastised America for its “head in the sand” attitude toward what Hitler was doing in Europe, in the period before World War II, and then during that same war, he encouraged people to support the government as it fought bravely to defeat the enemy.

With the smallest of modifications, some of his cartoons can be made quite relevant to current world events. I believe Dr. Seuss would support the minor changes I’ve made in his cartoons to demonstrate this. Dr. Seuss would have been against apostasy and blasphemy laws. He would have stood in opposition to Islam’s treatment of women in a false and imaginary god’s name. He would have been against the foolishly superior attitude exemplified by Muslims worldwide who believe that their god is the best and only. In several of his books, he displays this firm, overarching belief in human rights.

In “Horton Hears A Who” he tells us, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Equality for all, no matter what their race/sex/belief system/origin. All people count. All people have souls, and all souls are equal. “Yertle the Turtle” discusses the idea that no government or belief system has the right to take away anyone’s basic human rights. “The Sneetches” mocks the foolish and false superiority of those who take a mistaken belief system much too far. Sound familiar, Saudi Arabia? Under Islamic Sharia, non-muslims are not treated in the same way Muslims are in the eyes of the government. People’s basic human rights are violated depending upon how they choose to view the higher spirit. Dr. Seuss would mock the nonsensical approach the world is taking to the problem of Islam. He wasn’t afraid to mock the enemy then, and I’m sure he would show no fear in making the ridiculousness of Islam a target for his derision.

Each time a society makes a concession, or changes the rules, to suit the tenets of Islam, that society gives legitimacy to Islam. Why we would want to give legitimacy to someone who believes all the things Mohamed believed, I haven’t a clue. There is no rhyme nor reason to respecting a belief system so patently and obviously false. This is exactly the kind of nonsense we need to mock, not cater to. I think Dr. Seuss would agree.

Feel free to distribute these pictures where you will. I’ve erased the captions, so you can add your own, if your humor runs that way. It was really amazing how by changing one symbol (the swastika) for another (the Islamic crescent and star) the cartoons could once again be relevant 70-80 years later. Make Dr. Seuss part of the effort! He’d be proud, I think. Share this post!

~Mike S.





Saudi Arabia: Islamic Anti-Human Rights Idiocy On Display, Every Day!

The online newspaper “Emirates 24/7 News” is a treasure trove of articles detailing the lunacy of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia. Usually the stories involve the “feared” Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (aka “Haia”), the group entrusted with enforcing Allah’s laws in the Gulf Kingdom. One excellent example appeared on January 14, 2014. Completely covered women in a park were forbidden from using the swings by officers from Haia. They felt that allowing women to use the swings “could encourage men to harass or molest them.” They’re already covered head-to-toe, for God’s sake! How asinine! There’s one more freedom to add to the endless list of freedoms women, subjugated by Islam, are denied the pleasure of enjoying…the simple pleasure of swinging on a swing.

At the bottom of this same article, it gives details of another case in which the dreaded “Haia” shut down a restaurant in Jeddah “after it was found to be violating local laws, including allowing mixing between men and women…” The restaurant was also allowing people to smoke shisha in private rooms and “obscene” TV channels were being shown. Luckily, for the sake of everyone’s morals, the restaurant has been shut down indefinitely. “Massive violations” such as enjoying simple freedom of assembly…the freedom to mix with those you choose…are NOT something that can be tolerated by Islam. As this article states in its closing sentence: “Gender-mixing is strictly banned in schools, universities and most other places in the oil-rich kingdom.”

The senseless, irrational insistence on Islamic idiocy is borne out in hundreds of other articles. One unlucky woman was jailed for holding an office party that featured not only gender mixing but (the horror!) MUSIC. Another article details how a lovely wedding in a park was broken up by Haia because “the bride was not covering her face and the groom was holding her hand and hugging her sometimes.” Any mixed gender gathering can become a target for a surprise raid by Haia’s crack team of Islamic defenders. In the same article about the bride and groom, another paragraph gives the lowdown on how 42 people were arrested simply for being guests at a mixed-gender party. The last paragraph details how the sinful participants in another mixed-gender gathering “were having drugs and alcoholic drinks and some of them were moving and dancing to strange music…many of them were dancing around a fire as part of their Satanic rituals.” So good to know that Haia is keeping Saudi Arabia safe from the clutches of Satanic people who enjoy such horribly unislamic things as gender mixing, music, and dancing around a fire!

You’re not even safe in your car, in a mall parking lot. Haia’s eyes are everywhere. Just like Allah, Haia sees all, it seems. In both 2012 and 2015, unmarried couples talking in parked cars became a target of Haia’s all-seeing eye. In both cases, mixed-gender couples (coincidentally, both the women were Americans) were sitting with each other, alone in a car, even though they were neither married nor related. Of course, Haia had no choice but to intervene, break up these illicit, depraved liaisons before they led to an even greater occasion of sin.

Saudi Arabians can rest easier, knowing that their diligent, dedicated Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have recently been involved in training so that they will be better equipped “to fight magic and arrest those involved in black art in the Gulf Kingdom… the course covered theoretical and practical lessons on how to deal with magic, destroy black art work and identify magicians and sorcerers.” Haia takes the threat of witchcraft and other related “black arts” very seriously. There have been many executions of people for “sorcery” in Saudi Arabia. Their hunt for those involved in evil practices related to “magic” casts a wide net. “There have been reports of cases involving all forms of black magic, including dowsing, exorcism, money cloning, fortune tellers, healers, bone-setters, makers of potions, herbalists, palmists, animal callers, alchemists, psychics, and empathy.” Whatever your opinion of these various “black arts,” I personally believe that people have the right to gather knowledge about these assorted subjects, and practice them if they choose to. I also believe that people have the right to decide for themselves if consulting with one of these “black arts” practitioners is something they feel might be helpful to them. I find it hilariously ironic that this particular article names “empathy” as one of the “black arts.” Having empathy is a work of the devil; something to be hunted down and punished when it is encountered? Islam is so profoundly ridiculous!

It amazes me that there are STILL some clueless Muslim apologists out there who INSIST that Sharia law is compatible with the US Constitution. In Saudi Arabia, where Islamic sharia is applied most aggressively, women and men are not accorded the same freedom of movement. Freedom of assembly and freedom of association, especially when the genders are mixed, is prohibited. People are discouraged from lifting up their soul with music. People are not allowed to investigate topics they may wish to know more about. People are not allowed to ask for help from those who don’t have quite the same belief system as the repressive government. It’s ridiculous that any foolish apologist can say sharia is compatible with constitutional principles, when the glaring, nauseating example of Saudi Arabia is proving that idea more untrue with each passing day. Islam is obviously a cult that is not in favor of granting even the most basic human rights to its adherents. When MEN do a better job of granting human rights to people than a GOD does…well, isn’t it OBVIOUS that the god under discussion must logically be a false one?

~Mike S.

BBC Caves In To False, Intolerant Cult of Islam!

Yesterday, Friday, February 5th, Breitbart News published an article detailing recent revisions in the BBC Style Guide, the manual that all BBC journalists are expected to comply with in the production of news stories. Writers have been told that they must always refer to Muhammed as “The Prophet Muhammad.” If they refer to him subsequently in the same article, they are allowed to shorten it to “Muhammad” or, preferably, “the Prophet.” The style manual also tells journalists to refer to non-believers in Islam as “kafir”, or if they are discussing a group of non-believers, “kuffar.”

There is no similar deference or respect shown to other religions in this manual. Other religions are not even mentioned, except for directions on how to capitalize or address figures in the church, such as bishops. No mention whatsoever of the recommended journalistic treatment of Jesus, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other faith or belief system. It is also clear that they are very invested in continuing to spread the tired old lie we’ve all heard ad nauseam about Islam being a “religion of peace:”

“Supporters of Shariah
(radical Islamic group) Our policy is to run stories about this group and others like it (eg: al Muhajiroun) only if we can make it clear that they are regarded by the majority of British Muslims as unrepresentative – ideally, through a quote to that effect from a leading mainstream Muslim group, such as the Muslim Council of Britain. Preachers associated with these groups should not be described simply as ‘Muslim clerics’, but should be labelled as radical, fringe, or something similar. Do not confuse the mainstream Muslim Council of Britain with the more radical Islamic Council of Britain – which should be labelled as self-styled.”

In other words, they will only publish a story containing the TRUTH about Islam if they can get a taqiyya-spouting Muslim group to throw in a lie about “peace-loving Islam.” They have to make sure the oblivious sleep of the sheeple is not disturbed. They have to downplay the immense threat Islam poses to our civilization…because their Islamic masters have told them to do so. How much longer will it be before the BBC is writing (PBUH) after the name of sickening Muhammad?

Muhammad married a six year old, and had sex with her when she was nine. He massacred Jews and drove them out of the Saudi Arabian peninsula. He beat his wives. He killed those who mocked him, or directed his minions to kill them. He ordered death for leaving Islam. He mandated second class citizen status for women in every sphere of life. He knew nothing of religious tolerance, ordering non-Muslims to either pay a tax or die if they rejected Islam. He stole away his adopted son’s wife, and made her one of his wives. He killed a woman’s husband, brothers, and father…and then forced her to marry him. He routinely allowed his men to rape female captives. He stated that homosexuals should be killed. He believed in foolish (and sometimes unhealthy) superstitions. The clothes of this sex-crazed psychopath were often stained with his own semen. Islam…and thus Shariah…is replete with the most egregious human rights violations, originating directly from this man’s filthy mouth…and yet the BBC thinks we should all refer to him as “the Prophet.”

Muhammad was no prophet. He was a barbaric, sociopathic, power-mad scumbag, deserving of nothing but condemnation. His false-god cult is responsible for more death and violence on this planet than all other belief systems combined together. I am utterly and completely disgusted with the BBC’s capitulation to the evil, intolerant cult of Islam. Once again, a previously-objective news organization has been reduced to nothing but a ventriloquist’s dummy, with the hands of Muslims up its back, guiding everything that comes out of its mouth. It’s clear the BBC can no longer be trusted to present the news in an impartial manner. Their incomprehensible bias toward Islam renders them completely untrustworthy, for they will only report what their Islamic masters have approved.

~Mike S.

“At points, I physically shook with nervous anticipation while reading this book…”

This is a quote from a reader of Michael Shapson’s “Can’t Take It Back,” reacting to one of the most frightening and controversial books of the year. Another reader reported, “It seemed so real…the descriptions of things. I could see it all in my head.” This horribly plausible, apocalyptic vision of a future we might still have time to avoid is now available on Kindle, for only $2.99, and in paperback for $8.99. Pick up a copy of the book that is giving people sleepless nights all over America! Here’s where to get yours today:


“Like” a Facebook Post In Egypt…Go Directly To Jail!

Sometime in May of 2014, Egyptian Coptic Christian Kerolos Shouky Attallah was surfing Facebook and encountered a group called “Knights of the Cross,” a group meant to be supportive for Christian converts from Islam. He decided he agreed with the sentiments expressed by the group…and then he clicked the “Like” button. In that moment, Mr. Attallah’s life changed forever.

By the end of May, intolerant Muslims in his village of Al-Mahamid, near Luxor, discovered he had “liked” this page. As one might expect, these Muslims felt personally abused by their neighbor’s sign of utter disrespect for Islam, and they grew steadily more agitated with each passing day. Mr. Attallah realized at this point that he had made a serious error, went back to Facebook, and “unliked” the Facebook group. However, it was too late; the damage was done.

The fanatical Muslims circulated pamphlets to every Muslim in the village, inciting them to vengeance against Mr. Attallah for the gross insult he had committed against Islam…by liking the Facebook page. One leaflet read, “You will not be men if you don’t kick him out of your village.” On the morning of May 29, 2014, an explosive mob of infuriated Muslims came raging to Mr. Attallah’s doorstep. Only the intervention of the police, who, coincidentally, were there to arrest Mr. Attallah for his savage crime against humanity, saved Mr. Attallah from suffering what would have undoubtedly been a horribly brutal fate. He was the only one arrested. Neither the authors of the pamphlets nor any member of the raging mob were arrested.

The Muslims in the village found that having Mr. Attallah in jail did not heal the wounds his horrific act had created in their hearts. They discovered that terrorizing the minority Coptic Christians in the village was much more restorative for them. According to one source, “up until the day before the sentencing, Muslims were intermittently attacking Christian-owned homes and businesses, using the Facebook site as an excuse.” Several Christian-owned shops and businesses were burned to the ground by virulent mobs. All because…someone clicked “like” on a Facebook group.

On June 24th, Kerolos Shouky Attallah was sentenced to six years in prison. He was given three years for violating Article 98F of the Egypt Penal Code, defaming a divinely revealed religion, and three years for violating Article 176, inciting sectarian violence. He joins the ever-growing group of unfortunates around the world who have been unjustly deprived of freedom by the totalitarian, repressive cult of Islam. He joins Asia Bibi, slowly withering away in prison under sentence of death for blasphemy in Pakistan. He joins Gad Yunan, also a Coptic Christian from Egypt, who also received six years on a similarly bogus and trumped up blasphemy charge. He joins countless others across the Islamic world who face cruel and unusual punishments because they had an opinion contrary to that of the Muslim hive-mind. Mr. Attallah is now in prison…and his entire family’s life has been ruined…for clicking “like” on a Facebook page.

This is not some sick and depressing fiction of a warped dystopia, folks. This is reality, and it’s happening NOW, on our planet, to our fellow humans. We cannot and must not countenance this nonsense any longer. It’s time we all started calling these Islamic actions out for what they are. Blasphemy laws are anti-human rights. Blasphemy laws are the outgrowth of an insecure cult that cannot withstand any sort of logical scrutiny or questioning. Blasphemy laws are an attempt by the brainwashed to stamp out anything that might threaten their fragile programming. Everything about blasphemy laws violates any notion we in the west have of what true freedom means. It’s time we, all of us, as a group, stood up for those who have been robbed of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by sickening blasphemy laws. Only a weak, feeble, and pathetic god (or prophet) would need protection from mocking by puny, mortal humans. And a weak, feeble god can only be a false one.

~Mike S.