Open Letter to Hassan Shibly of CAIR-FL!

Mr. Shibly:

Your recent article in HuffPost Politics was another tired example of the stream of crapaganda that has been pouring out of HuffPo lately on the subject of Islam. Every day, it seems, there is another article like yours on Tuesday, decrying the massive Islamophobia in the West and how sickening it all is for the poor muslim to have to endure. Your piece, “How Hate and Islamophobia Undermine America This Election Year” turns logical argument on its poor little head, and conveniently ignores many facts that the Islamic world needs to confront rather than ignore. Typical muslim crapaganda, in other words.

You begin by decrying the abysmal level of discourse among the Republicans, then make the leap to comparing them with those who ordered the Japanese Internment and the Holocaust. You discuss how Hitler used the Nazi propaganda machine to stoke fears and prejudice against the Jews in Europe. Obviously you’re trying to draw some type of moral equivalency here between what happened to the Jews and the level of Islamophobia Muslims face worldwide today.

There’s one problem with this, Hassan. Jews weren’t preaching terror to their followers in the synagogues all over Europe and filling youtube with hateful videos that preached death to the goyim. Jews weren’t shooting cartoonists in Denmark who drew them with hooked noses. Jews weren’t massacring people in train stations and music venues as a result of a scriptural behest. Jews weren’t demanding kosher food be served in all schools in England, or complaining to a magistrate that someone was cooking bacon next door. Jewish men weren’t sexually harassing women by the hundreds each day in the squares and marketplaces of Europe. Jews weren’t forming pedophilia gangs in England. Jews weren’t flying planes into tall buildings in the name of Yahweh. Jews weren’t joining the US army and then mass-shooting people screaming religious slogans. Jews weren’t pledging allegiance to some hard-core Jewish state overseas and then going on lone-wolf killing sprees to glorify their god.

It is not some government propaganda machine or “notorious Islamophobes” who are to blame here, Hassan. The actions of Muslims worldwide have produced this situation. Fear and suspicion of the Jews or the Japanese had no justification given the actual facts about what was going on in the European Jewish or the Japanese-American population at that time. Your comparison of today’s “plight of the muslims” to the Jewish situation before World War II is a fallacious and insulting attempt at moral equivalence. People see the results of Islamic terrorism and arrogance, and they grow to hate and fear the ideology that produces it. This, coincidentally, is why “Islamophobia” is a nonsense word. A phobia is an unreasoning fear of something. With thousands dead in America alone since the turn of the century, and hundreds of thousands dead worldwide in the same time period, solely due to Islam, I would say there is every reason in the world for people to fear Islam. And if they have a legitimate reason, then it is, by definition, no longer a “phobia.”

People have every right to be concerned, Hassan. We are waking up here in America, and this is what has made you so defensive and afraid. We are learning that Islam is not about human rights for all, despite the claims of hundreds of deceitful muslim apologists such as yourself. If it was, 19 countries (and ISIS) would not have apostasy laws. Killing people for leaving islam is wrong. It is against human rights. If Islam was about human rights, then 9 countries and parts of Malaysia (and ISIS) would not have death as the punishment for blasphemy. If Islam was about human rights, then Saudi Arabia would not be hacking off the heads of “sorcerers” and Iran would not be hanging gays. If Islam was about human rights, women would have true and REAL equality with men. You know, Hassan, that the directions for ALL of these laws and penalties came directly from the mouth of Mohamed. Mohamed’s words and actions are the basis for ALL these unjust, human-rights-violating laws. How can you stand to do all the double-talk you do? The logical conflict in your brain must be an intense one.

That’s right, Hassan. We’re waking up. And all the crapaganda in the world isn’t going to put us back to sleep again. In fact, the more you muslim apologist people keep shrieking “Islamophobia”, the more of us you’re going to wake up. We’re getting sick of hearing it. We are realizing what a complete farce this cult of Islam is. No true god would recommend the things that Allah and Mohamed did. Since Allah is therefore a false god, his followers no longer need to be accommodated or placated in any way, shape, or form. A false and anti-human-rights belief system such as Islam deserves no respect whatsoever from freedom loving citizens of the world. More people come to this logical realization every day. I know this is your worst fear, Hassan…and it’s happening. This is now. Perhaps you need to re-read Quran 5:101-102. Mohamed said people who asked questions ended up leaving Islam. Maybe it’s time you asked yourself some questions, Hassan. Islam is an obvious spiritual dead-end. Stop defending the indefensible. You’ve got to be mentally exhausted from the pretzel contortions your mind has to go through to make sense of nonsense! If it was a “perfect religion” you wouldn’t have to be defending it all the time…people would just naturally convert to it and your worries would be over. But it’s not perfect. It’s also not a religion. And it’s not gaining popularity. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, Hassan. The problem is not “Islamophobia Without Reason.” The problem is Islam itself.

~Mike S.


4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Hassan Shibly of CAIR-FL!

  1. Barf.
    The problem is islam itself?
    Lol. Could not even get through a couple of sentences in this poorly written, uneducational piece of bigotry.


    1. if you knew more about islam, you wouldn’t be saying what you said. It’s clear your comment is being made from the disadvantage of ignorance. If you knew what Islam really thought of you…THAT is what SHOULD be making you barf. Read the quran, and then the hadiths of Bukhari and Muslim, and the Reliance of the Traveler, and focus on what Islam has to say about women specifically. I know you wouldn’t be able to defend islam if you did. Knowledge is power. Go get some.


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