NPR Propagandist Tom Gjelten In Over His Head As Muslim Apologist!

Tom Gjelten’s report on NPR on March 11th, 2016, “Fighting Extremism With Knowledge: Learning The Lessons Of Muhammad” is yet another example of the non-stop propaganda constantly streaming out of so many media sources. From the very start, the reader knows it: this is going to be another puff piece about how everyone should stop scrutinizing and criticizing Islam because it’s really a religion of peace. But THIS article…in this story it’s obvious Tom Gjelten is in over his head in terms of assuming the burden of Muslim apologist. His very first sentence is an implicit bow to Muslim supremacy:

“The religion of Islam was founded by Muhammad, the 7th century prophet whom Muslims call “the messenger of God.”

Muhammad certainly wasn’t any prophet of mine. But Tom Gjelten refers to him as one, as if it’s a matter of course. It doesn’t get any better after this:

“They don’t consider him divine, but they follow his teachings closely. Good Muslims are taught to emulate the prophet in all matters, personal, spiritual and worldly.

Perhaps no time in recent history has it been more important to do as the Prophet Muhammad did — and not as someone says he did.

With terror groups like ISIS now invoking his name, many Muslim leaders say radicals who cite the prophet to justify violence misrepresent his teachings.

Some Muslim leaders argue that young Muslims need a firmer grounding in their own faith and the prophetic tradition, both to equip them better to counter religious propagandists and also to bind them more closely to Islam. Most of what is known about how Muhammad lived is set down in the Hadith, which consist of recollections of the prophet’s life by his companions, first passed on orally and later put down in writing. Taken together, they constitute what Muslims call the “tradition.””

Apparently, Tom Gjelten is unaware that ISIS and Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, and all the other human-rights violating Islamic countries are following the “tradition” of the hadiths also. They follow the “tradition” in their apostasy and blasphemy laws. They follow the “tradition” in their treatment of gays, minority religions, and women. They follow the “tradition” in their judicial systems with little or no due process available for certain accused persons. They follow the “tradition” in their disdain for Jews and Christians. All these things are backed up amply in the same hadiths that Mr Gjelten is extolling as giving the “true human picture” of the “prophet.” But wait, there’s more…!

The article goes on to discuss something called the “Celebrate Mercy” initiative, headed by a Sheikh Hassan Lachheb, which is supposedly conducting a “series of lectures around the country” entitled “Portrait of a Prophet.” The series of lectures around the country actually consisted of one weekend-long retreat in Lanham, Maryland, February 5-7, 2016. The Celebrate Mercy website has no further events on its calendar.
“Hassan argues that if Muslims had more knowledge of how the Prophet Muhammad actually lived and what he taught, they would be less vulnerable to extremist propaganda. Counterterrorism officials — who’ve focused largely on surveillance, sting operations and community policing — would have more success countering extremism, he says, if they supported efforts to deepen religious literacy among young Muslims.”

The irony oozing from this section made me snicker. Where on earth do these idiots think the “extremist propaganda” is coming from? The justification for everything ISIS has done… with the exception of burning the pilot alive in the cage…can be found easily in the hadiths. As people get more knowledge of how Muhammad actually lived and what he taught, they are likely to get MORE extremist, not less!

Hassan Laccheb goes on to cherrypick a series of incidents from hadith that “humanize” Muhammad.

“The Hadith contain many narrations about the Prophet Muhammad’s personal appearance and habits. Muslims are encouraged to learn about these apparently trivial aspects of his story, because it helps them feel more connected to him.”

Yes, indeed. That’s why hating Jews helps them feel more connected to him. That’s why raging and killing people for blasphemy helps them feel more connected to him. That’s why murdering apostates helps them feel more connected to him. That’s why treating women as a lower class helps them feel more connected to him. That’s why believing in superstitious nonsense helps them feel more connected to him. All of these things are in hadith collections deemed reliable by majorities of Muslims. Hassan Laccheb’s website sugarcoats Islam and Muhammad’s record and beliefs. More propaganda nonsense spent uselessly defending the indefensible, and keeping the oblivious roped in to the “religion of peace” lie.

Yes, Muslims, please DO read the hadiths. For many of you, I sincerely hope that reading the hadiths will being you to your senses regarding Islam. Would ANY true god tell his prophet to do the kinds of terrible things Muhammad did? Please, read the hadiths for yourself, and find out all about the unjust and horrid doings of your “perfect” man. You don’t need me to rant on about it. ISIS gets ALL their backing from the same hadiths that Tom Gjelten is saying contain the “true” picture of Muhammad. Thanks so much, Tom, for pointing that out. You are right…but the “true picture” isn’t the one you were intending to present with your piece. Don’t worry…I’m sure all the SJW’s out there think you did a fine job. Keep that head buried in the sand there, bud. Wouldn’t want the light of day to spoil your fragile desert dreams…..

~Mike S.


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