There Is No Peace In Islam, or, A Letter To Muslims

How often have we all heard the sickeningly ironic statement: “Islam is a religion of peace.” Muslims themselves will say, “Submission to Allah brings peace.” When examined logically, however, it’s obvious that Islam brings anything but peace.


Islam concerns itself with what people believe about a higher power and all the things that attend a higher power. If you decide that Islam is not for you, the punishment is death. Worrying about what happens to people when they change their beliefs away from your own is not something that brings peace. Murdering people because they change their beliefs in a higher power is not peace. Judging others as apostates is not an activity that brings peace. The beliefs of others are their own business and not yours. Let others believe as they will…and find peace.


Islam worries about things that people might say that show disrespect for their false god Allah or his falser prophet Mohammed. The punishment for a disrespectful word toward Allah or the false prophet mohammed is death in many Islamic countries. Stressing about someone burning a silly book, or saying one god is better than another does not bring peace. Killing people because of some words that came out of their mouth does not bring peace. Killing people because of harmless statements is not a peaceful thing to do. People strong in their beliefs are not bothered by the silly words of another. Let others say what they want….and find peace.


Islam troubles itself with the sexual preference of all of us. Those people who prefer a same-sex relationship are condemned, cast out, and killed in many Islamic countries. Bothering yourself over who someone else chooses to love does not bring peace. Killing gays is not a peaceful thing to do. Let others love who they will…and find peace.


Islam cares too much about keeping women in a subservient position to men. Women are denied the same status accorded to men in virtually all aspects of the religion. Terms of worship, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, choice of who to marry, status in court and before the law….in all of these areas, and more, Islam makes and enforces rules upon women that keep them second class citizens. Repressing women does not bring peace. Worrying constantly about keeping women “in their place” is not an activity that brings peace. Let women have completely equal status to men…and find peace.


Islam burdens itself with having to force the whole world to worship Allah. Non-muslims are never accorded the same status as Muslims in a muslim society. Muslims wage jihad to convince the world that the only alternative is submission to Allah. Killing people if they refuse to believe in your false god is not peaceful. Engaging in an asinine activity called ‘jihad’ is not something that brings peace. Constantly being offended because the world doesn’t respect your ridiculous rituals, your idiotic customs, your foolish bloody fake holidays, is not something that lends itself to a peaceful state of mind. Let the world ALONE with your false islamic bullshit, muslims, and then maybe ALL of us can find some peace!