About the Author

Michael X. Shapson was born in New York and has traveled throughout the country, including Emporia, Kansas. He stands for human rights and dignity for all. He despises political correctness and the idea that words should be banned if someone’s feelings are hurt by them. King George III was undoubtedly very offended by the Declaration of Independence– but that did not stop the colonists from publishing that hurtful document anyway. ALL speech must be protected, not just the speech with which we agree. A society grows by discussing difficult issues, not by stifling all dissent and making topics taboo. Read “Can’t Take It Back” and get ready to join what will undoubtedly become a national discussion!


One thought on “About the Author

  1. What’s up chappi? Still trying to sell your toilet paper?! No readers yet?! No national discussion yet?! What a looser!!
    BTW, are you still banned from twitter?! 😂😂😂


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