Schooling the Muslims in Their Own Religion!

Many Muslims with a media and/or internet presence are woefully lacking in terms of knowing what their very own religion, Islam, actually has to say about all kinds of issues. Their knowledge is often truncated and lacks any real depth of familiarity with Islamic source material whatsoever. They offer a whitewashed, fantasy version of Islam that truly exists only in their illogical and placidly unquestioning minds. For example, here’s a part of an exchange in which I show the muslim blogger MuchAdoAboutIslam, a shallow-thinking little Muslim girl in the UK, that non-believers can learn about Islam also…and that the constant web of lies muslims spin about the true nature of islam is rapidly losing its efficacy. This part of the exchange begins with me posing a series of questions to the blogger, who has already castigated me severely for being a hater and a threat to peace:

Do you support death for apostasy? Mohammed did.
Do you support death for blasphemy? Mohammed did.
Do you support sex with 9 year olds? Mohammed did.
Do you support death for gays? Mohammed did.
Do you support women getting half the inheritance of men? Mohammed did.

My bet is that you won’t be able to answer these questions with a simple yes/no answer. I am able to answer them with a simple one word answer for each question: NO. Can you do the same? I doubt it. If it’s the perfect religion, and Mohammed was the perfect man and prophet, you should be able to shout your agreement with these views of Mohammed from the rooftops! But deep inside, you know your religion is false…and so you won’t be able to do so. Leave the cult NOW, Muchadoo. Allah is false. You have been deceived.”

The next day, I added this:

“Notice, folks, how the poor, deceived little Muslim girl couldn’t refute one single FACT I stated about Islam. Poor Muchadoo couldn’t bring herself to answer a single simple yes/no question! It’s clear she’s well beyond her limited intellect trying to defend something as eminently indefensible as the cult of Islam. I am ABSOLUTELY ready for an educated discussion…while Muslims can’t even answer simple yes/no questions about their supposedly “perfect” faith. Give it up, Muchadoo. If you can’t defend it simply and easily, then it’s NOT a perfect religion. And if it’s not a perfect religion, then Mohammed lied. What else did he lie about? Islam is false, Muchadoo. Your inability to defend it should clearly indicate that to you. Take off that foolish hijab. Pleasing a false god is pleasing NOTHING. You’re in over your head here, Muchadoo.”

To which she finally replied:

“Goodness, the least you could do is tag me so I know you’ve been talking to me, sheesh. What a mess I’ve come back to. As a British Muslim I can safely reply NO to each and every question because of one simple fact: as Muslims WE MUST ABIDE BY THE LAW OF THE LAND. It’s that simple. SO does the UK support killing for blasphemy; no. Does the UK…. etc etc, To which I answer to all your questions, no, no and no again. I lived in Saudi for 2 years and other Muslim countries and not once did I hear anyone being killed for any of the things you mention nor do I know of any Muslim country that supports any of those things you said. To use the word “support” is interesting. The reason women are given half the inheritance of men is simply because women in Islam are taken care of. When I work my money is mine and my husbands money is also mine but as a Muslim man he cannot take my wealth! Bet you didn’t know that. So do I support that, knowing full well I have accumulated all my wealth, heck yeah. As for Aisha (yeah that’s the name of the 9 year old you were referring to) one only need to look back into history of Europe, America and Asia to see that there were such incidences all over the world. Centuries ago, this was the norm ALL OVER THE WORLD. Your hate is blinding you. It’s really sad that you have this mentality where you’re trying to dictate how I should live my life: take off my hijab, really? Doesn’t that take away from my human right and choice as a human being? The contradictions are astonishing, Some people in the West want to act like ambassadors for Human Rights and can’t even give people the freedom to wear what they please. The hijab is my choice. Respect that. Thanks.”

My response:


“I don’t believe you know your religion well at all. Let’s talk for a minute about a part of the quran which is very suited for this discussion. Here’s verses 57-62 from Surah 33…have you forgotten, or just never read?

“Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger – Allah has cursed them in this World and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment. And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a glaring sin. O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Truly, if the Hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and those who stir up sedition in the City, desist not, We shall certainly stir thee up against them: Then will they not be able to stay in it as thy neighbours for any length of time: They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain (without mercy). (Such was) the practice (approved) of Allah among those who lived aforetime: No change wilt thou find in the practice (approved) of Allah.”

Let’s summarize. Allah hates people who annoy him or Mohammed, and he is waiting in the after life with a terrible punishment for those who do so. Those who annoy muslims have committed a glaring sin. Women should cover their persons when out and about. If the people who do not stop annoying muslims don’t stop their behavior, Allah will stir the muslims to such a rage that the offenders will be driven out, cursed forever. Since they are cursed, they shall be slain, without mercy, of course, wherever they are found once they are driven out of town. Allah approved of killing such offenders in the past, and Allah’s opinion on this is not going to change.

This is your quran, Muchadoo. People who annoy the Believers undeservedly should be driven out of town and killed? Seriously? This is part of where the apostasy law is derived from. People who rejected Mohammed’s “religion” were seriously annoying to him. Allah declared that “they shall be slain.” Notice also that verse 59 is part of where the “thou shalt cover” part of Islam comes from. I’m sure you know this already. Sorry, but in Islam, your hijab is NOT a choice. And you know it.

And , once again, weasel words, weasel words, weasel words. You don’t believe in apostasy or blasphemy laws because British Law doesn’t believe in them? We are not discussing British law here…we are discussing islam and your adherence to its unsavory tenets. I was proven right…you couldn’t give a simple yes/no answer. There are many tens of millions of muslims worldwide who believe in the apostasy and blasphemy laws, and act as if they are divinely inspired. Pakistan, as you know, is notorious for erupting into “mob justice” when someone has seriously offended the believers. Here’s another link for you… the shayk here, unlike you, Muchadoo, has some serious guts. He takes on the task of defending the apostasy, and by extension, the blasphemy laws, using islamic texts in such a way that it couldn’t have been done any better if it was done by a notorious islamophobe like myself. His defense is pretty airtight….to not believe in the apostasy and blasphemy laws is unislamic. So I will rephrase a couple of my questions for you, Muchadoo:

Do you believe it is right to kill people because they stop believing in a religion and start talking badly about it?

Do you believe it is right to kill those who mock the religion of another by word or deed?

Why don’t you take on these questions after you’ve read the Shayk link I left. Perhaps his brave but futile defense will give the widdle Cowardly Lioness some courage….”

And her comment about “The reason women are given half the inheritance of men is simply because women in Islam are taken care of.” shows her complete and total blindness to the true nature of human and women’s rights. I would pose her yet another simple question: what if a woman did not WISH to be “taken care of” by a man? What if she wanted to be independent? Well, that’s too damn bad…she would still get half as much inheritance as her brother got. Doesn’t that take away from her “human right and choice as a human being,” Muchadoo? Doesn’t that “dictate how she should live her life?” The contradictions ARE astounding, indeed, Muchadoo, but they’re not with me. They’re in YOUR head. And they originate directly from the flawed and poisoned seed of islam.

LOVE takin ‘dem Muslims to school!

~Mike S.


There Is No Peace In Islam, or, A Letter To Muslims

How often have we all heard the sickeningly ironic statement: “Islam is a religion of peace.” Muslims themselves will say, “Submission to Allah brings peace.” When examined logically, however, it’s obvious that Islam brings anything but peace.


Islam concerns itself with what people believe about a higher power and all the things that attend a higher power. If you decide that Islam is not for you, the punishment is death. Worrying about what happens to people when they change their beliefs away from your own is not something that brings peace. Murdering people because they change their beliefs in a higher power is not peace. Judging others as apostates is not an activity that brings peace. The beliefs of others are their own business and not yours. Let others believe as they will…and find peace.


Islam worries about things that people might say that show disrespect for their false god Allah or his falser prophet Mohammed. The punishment for a disrespectful word toward Allah or the false prophet mohammed is death in many Islamic countries. Stressing about someone burning a silly book, or saying one god is better than another does not bring peace. Killing people because of some words that came out of their mouth does not bring peace. Killing people because of harmless statements is not a peaceful thing to do. People strong in their beliefs are not bothered by the silly words of another. Let others say what they want….and find peace.


Islam troubles itself with the sexual preference of all of us. Those people who prefer a same-sex relationship are condemned, cast out, and killed in many Islamic countries. Bothering yourself over who someone else chooses to love does not bring peace. Killing gays is not a peaceful thing to do. Let others love who they will…and find peace.


Islam cares too much about keeping women in a subservient position to men. Women are denied the same status accorded to men in virtually all aspects of the religion. Terms of worship, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, choice of who to marry, status in court and before the law….in all of these areas, and more, Islam makes and enforces rules upon women that keep them second class citizens. Repressing women does not bring peace. Worrying constantly about keeping women “in their place” is not an activity that brings peace. Let women have completely equal status to men…and find peace.


Islam burdens itself with having to force the whole world to worship Allah. Non-muslims are never accorded the same status as Muslims in a muslim society. Muslims wage jihad to convince the world that the only alternative is submission to Allah. Killing people if they refuse to believe in your false god is not peaceful. Engaging in an asinine activity called ‘jihad’ is not something that brings peace. Constantly being offended because the world doesn’t respect your ridiculous rituals, your idiotic customs, your foolish bloody fake holidays, is not something that lends itself to a peaceful state of mind. Let the world ALONE with your false islamic bullshit, muslims, and then maybe ALL of us can find some peace!

Open Letter to Hassan Shibly of CAIR-FL!

Mr. Shibly:

Your recent article in HuffPost Politics was another tired example of the stream of crapaganda that has been pouring out of HuffPo lately on the subject of Islam. Every day, it seems, there is another article like yours on Tuesday, decrying the massive Islamophobia in the West and how sickening it all is for the poor muslim to have to endure. Your piece, “How Hate and Islamophobia Undermine America This Election Year” turns logical argument on its poor little head, and conveniently ignores many facts that the Islamic world needs to confront rather than ignore. Typical muslim crapaganda, in other words.

You begin by decrying the abysmal level of discourse among the Republicans, then make the leap to comparing them with those who ordered the Japanese Internment and the Holocaust. You discuss how Hitler used the Nazi propaganda machine to stoke fears and prejudice against the Jews in Europe. Obviously you’re trying to draw some type of moral equivalency here between what happened to the Jews and the level of Islamophobia Muslims face worldwide today.

There’s one problem with this, Hassan. Jews weren’t preaching terror to their followers in the synagogues all over Europe and filling youtube with hateful videos that preached death to the goyim. Jews weren’t shooting cartoonists in Denmark who drew them with hooked noses. Jews weren’t massacring people in train stations and music venues as a result of a scriptural behest. Jews weren’t demanding kosher food be served in all schools in England, or complaining to a magistrate that someone was cooking bacon next door. Jewish men weren’t sexually harassing women by the hundreds each day in the squares and marketplaces of Europe. Jews weren’t forming pedophilia gangs in England. Jews weren’t flying planes into tall buildings in the name of Yahweh. Jews weren’t joining the US army and then mass-shooting people screaming religious slogans. Jews weren’t pledging allegiance to some hard-core Jewish state overseas and then going on lone-wolf killing sprees to glorify their god.

It is not some government propaganda machine or “notorious Islamophobes” who are to blame here, Hassan. The actions of Muslims worldwide have produced this situation. Fear and suspicion of the Jews or the Japanese had no justification given the actual facts about what was going on in the European Jewish or the Japanese-American population at that time. Your comparison of today’s “plight of the muslims” to the Jewish situation before World War II is a fallacious and insulting attempt at moral equivalence. People see the results of Islamic terrorism and arrogance, and they grow to hate and fear the ideology that produces it. This, coincidentally, is why “Islamophobia” is a nonsense word. A phobia is an unreasoning fear of something. With thousands dead in America alone since the turn of the century, and hundreds of thousands dead worldwide in the same time period, solely due to Islam, I would say there is every reason in the world for people to fear Islam. And if they have a legitimate reason, then it is, by definition, no longer a “phobia.”

People have every right to be concerned, Hassan. We are waking up here in America, and this is what has made you so defensive and afraid. We are learning that Islam is not about human rights for all, despite the claims of hundreds of deceitful muslim apologists such as yourself. If it was, 19 countries (and ISIS) would not have apostasy laws. Killing people for leaving islam is wrong. It is against human rights. If Islam was about human rights, then 9 countries and parts of Malaysia (and ISIS) would not have death as the punishment for blasphemy. If Islam was about human rights, then Saudi Arabia would not be hacking off the heads of “sorcerers” and Iran would not be hanging gays. If Islam was about human rights, women would have true and REAL equality with men. You know, Hassan, that the directions for ALL of these laws and penalties came directly from the mouth of Mohamed. Mohamed’s words and actions are the basis for ALL these unjust, human-rights-violating laws. How can you stand to do all the double-talk you do? The logical conflict in your brain must be an intense one.

That’s right, Hassan. We’re waking up. And all the crapaganda in the world isn’t going to put us back to sleep again. In fact, the more you muslim apologist people keep shrieking “Islamophobia”, the more of us you’re going to wake up. We’re getting sick of hearing it. We are realizing what a complete farce this cult of Islam is. No true god would recommend the things that Allah and Mohamed did. Since Allah is therefore a false god, his followers no longer need to be accommodated or placated in any way, shape, or form. A false and anti-human-rights belief system such as Islam deserves no respect whatsoever from freedom loving citizens of the world. More people come to this logical realization every day. I know this is your worst fear, Hassan…and it’s happening. This is now. Perhaps you need to re-read Quran 5:101-102. Mohamed said people who asked questions ended up leaving Islam. Maybe it’s time you asked yourself some questions, Hassan. Islam is an obvious spiritual dead-end. Stop defending the indefensible. You’ve got to be mentally exhausted from the pretzel contortions your mind has to go through to make sense of nonsense! If it was a “perfect religion” you wouldn’t have to be defending it all the time…people would just naturally convert to it and your worries would be over. But it’s not perfect. It’s also not a religion. And it’s not gaining popularity. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, Hassan. The problem is not “Islamophobia Without Reason.” The problem is Islam itself.

~Mike S.

Defiant Islamic “Doctor”: Muslim Child Marriage “Nobody’s Business!”

In an interview published in yesterday’s Nigerian “Punch” newspaper, Ishaq Akintola, professor of Islamic Eschatology and Director of a group called Muslim Rights Concern, or MURIC, gave an interview in which he staunchly and defiantly defended the Islamic practice of child marriage. Of course, being an Islamic “scholar”, he has little choice but to defend child marriage…since his supposedly “perfect” prophet married a six year old and deflowered her when she was nine.

Here’s a sample of his double-talk, human-rights-violating, nonsense:

“The simple truth is: Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this, particularly since 99.99 per cent of such marriages are conducted among Muslims themselves. If the man is a Muslim and the girl is also a Muslim and the girl’s parents give their approval, what is the business of any non-Muslim in that? It is sheer interference in the affair of Muslims and an attempt to exert undue influence on them.”

He repeatedly affirms, in many ways, that he, and by extension his group MURIC, have no issue with child marriage, and that any non-Muslim who has a problem with it should butt out of Muslim affairs. “Non-Muslims should therefore keep off Muslims’ affairs. Who are non-Muslims to be the judge of Muslims when every religious group has its own failings?” Yes, this argument would be successful if human rights belonged to one religion or another. But they don’t. Human rights belong to all of humanity. Human rights can be said to be absolute; beyond any religion. This is undoubtedly a foreign concept to Mr. Akintola the Islamic “doctor”…the idea of human rights. Child marriage is wrong. Period. It matters not what any religion says or does not say about it. There is, more often than not, physical, emotional, and mental trauma inflicted on these girls by their husbands. If you are in favor of engaging in child marriage, then I am going to say to you that this practice is wrong, and that you should stop it. I am NOT going to refrain from chastising the Muslim world over this dark-ages practice. I will NOT stop “poking my nose into the religious actions of Muslims” if these actions are obviously violations of basic human rights. I don’t give a damn if Mohamed did it. It’s time Ishaq Akintola and his cronies realized something billions of people figured out long ago: Mohamed was nowhere near a perfect man. He was, in many ways, utter scum. We in the west are waking up to the evils buried in Islam like a fruit crawling with maggots under the bright shiny skin. And we are not going to tolerate it.

The interviewer then continues with questions about the many cases in Nigeria where girls have been abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. “Doctor” Akintola immediately goes into “defend and deny” mode:

“Which cases? Do you have the proof?… There you go again! Baseless, clueless, unfounded and untenable allegations; rumours, rumours and rumours! Where you have cases, bring them forward. You cannot turn us into suspects overnight….You are making a mountain out of a molehill and I am not under any obligation to answer that kind of question.”

Once again, OF COURSE he can’t answer that question! To do so honestly would reveal the depth of the depravity among men raised on a steady diet of Islam…and we can’t have that, now, can we? But, just because the doctor asked for it, here’s some proof for the babbling, bumbling idiot! Follow this link and read about Patience Paul, abducted by Muslims in Nigeria just six days ago for the purpose of forcible conversion.

This person, Ishaq Akintola, is no more than a gaseous windbag; an endless fountain of Islamic nonsense. I have news for you, “doctor”…the government of Nigeria would probably get along much better without the Islamically-tainted advice of MURIC. Stop worrying about Islamophobia, “doctor”, and start worrying about authentic human rights. If you don’t, you’re going to find more and more non-Muslims “sticking our noses in” and calling you out on it…because we are sick and tired of the human rights violations forced upon the world by Islam. We have had it. Stop defending the indefensible, and start working to change it. Unless of course, you’d rather the west “stuck our noses in” and changed it for you….

~Mike S.

State Department Acknowledges Egypt’s Worsening Human Rights Record; Recommends Waiving Toothless Penalties Nonetheless!

Once again this year, the Obama Administration’s State Department has recommended waiving a penalty that was meant to be applied to foreign aid to Egypt. 15% of Egypt’s aid was to be withheld if they did not meet certain human rights benchmarks in many areas, including free and fair elections, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and greater protection for minority religions. This regulation was the bone that was tossed to human rights activists by Congress a few years ago, mostly so the government could say it was doing SOMETHING in the way of encouraging improvement in the human rights situation in the Middle East. The now-established tradition of waiving the penalty was started under the guidance of-no surprise here- Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State in 2012.

A State Department document justifying the waiver from May, 2015 acknowledges that Egypt has not made progress in any of the required areas of human rights. Indeed, the document cites serious issues in the areas of delayed Parliamentary elections, freedoms of expression and press, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, women’s rights, protection of religious minorities, due process restrictions, accountability, and American citizens who are unjustly held in Egyptian prisons. Yet, inexplicably, our government thinks Egypt deserves their entire $1.3 BILLION dollar allotment again this year. Lame arguments like “vital partner for stability” don’t hold up well in light of the facts. Waiving the human rights penalty for the past four years has not had the desired results. The region, if anything, has gotten much LESS stable. Coptic Christians are persecuted every day for their religion. The recent 5 year jail sentence for four Coptic teens involved in a foolish cellphone video judged “blasphemous” is a perfect example of why Egypt deserves NO aid from the United States whatsoever. Go watch this video. These kids were obviously just horsing around. How would you feel if these were your children, sentenced to five years in an adult prison, for a silly video made while on a church field trip? The idea that these kids could be sentenced to probable death in jail for “blasphemy” such as this is utterly ridiculous. The United States needs to stand against human rights abuses such as this, not acknowledge them and then callously turn away! We’ve tried the carrot without success. The time is long overdue for a little stick. As I’ve said before, we can easily claim the higher moral ground in human rights issues. Why then are we so reluctant to take a stand on it?

~Mike S.

Drafting Dr. Seuss For The Propaganda War Against Islam!

Many people aren’t aware that Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was a prolific political cartoonist before he began writing children’s books. He created pieces that chastised America for its “head in the sand” attitude toward what Hitler was doing in Europe, in the period before World War II, and then during that same war, he encouraged people to support the government as it fought bravely to defeat the enemy.

With the smallest of modifications, some of his cartoons can be made quite relevant to current world events. I believe Dr. Seuss would support the minor changes I’ve made in his cartoons to demonstrate this. Dr. Seuss would have been against apostasy and blasphemy laws. He would have stood in opposition to Islam’s treatment of women in a false and imaginary god’s name. He would have been against the foolishly superior attitude exemplified by Muslims worldwide who believe that their god is the best and only. In several of his books, he displays this firm, overarching belief in human rights.

In “Horton Hears A Who” he tells us, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Equality for all, no matter what their race/sex/belief system/origin. All people count. All people have souls, and all souls are equal. “Yertle the Turtle” discusses the idea that no government or belief system has the right to take away anyone’s basic human rights. “The Sneetches” mocks the foolish and false superiority of those who take a mistaken belief system much too far. Sound familiar, Saudi Arabia? Under Islamic Sharia, non-muslims are not treated in the same way Muslims are in the eyes of the government. People’s basic human rights are violated depending upon how they choose to view the higher spirit. Dr. Seuss would mock the nonsensical approach the world is taking to the problem of Islam. He wasn’t afraid to mock the enemy then, and I’m sure he would show no fear in making the ridiculousness of Islam a target for his derision.

Each time a society makes a concession, or changes the rules, to suit the tenets of Islam, that society gives legitimacy to Islam. Why we would want to give legitimacy to someone who believes all the things Mohamed believed, I haven’t a clue. There is no rhyme nor reason to respecting a belief system so patently and obviously false. This is exactly the kind of nonsense we need to mock, not cater to. I think Dr. Seuss would agree.

Feel free to distribute these pictures where you will. I’ve erased the captions, so you can add your own, if your humor runs that way. It was really amazing how by changing one symbol (the swastika) for another (the Islamic crescent and star) the cartoons could once again be relevant 70-80 years later. Make Dr. Seuss part of the effort! He’d be proud, I think. Share this post!

~Mike S.





Saudi Arabia: Islamic Anti-Human Rights Idiocy On Display, Every Day!

The online newspaper “Emirates 24/7 News” is a treasure trove of articles detailing the lunacy of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia. Usually the stories involve the “feared” Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (aka “Haia”), the group entrusted with enforcing Allah’s laws in the Gulf Kingdom. One excellent example appeared on January 14, 2014. Completely covered women in a park were forbidden from using the swings by officers from Haia. They felt that allowing women to use the swings “could encourage men to harass or molest them.” They’re already covered head-to-toe, for God’s sake! How asinine! There’s one more freedom to add to the endless list of freedoms women, subjugated by Islam, are denied the pleasure of enjoying…the simple pleasure of swinging on a swing.

At the bottom of this same article, it gives details of another case in which the dreaded “Haia” shut down a restaurant in Jeddah “after it was found to be violating local laws, including allowing mixing between men and women…” The restaurant was also allowing people to smoke shisha in private rooms and “obscene” TV channels were being shown. Luckily, for the sake of everyone’s morals, the restaurant has been shut down indefinitely. “Massive violations” such as enjoying simple freedom of assembly…the freedom to mix with those you choose…are NOT something that can be tolerated by Islam. As this article states in its closing sentence: “Gender-mixing is strictly banned in schools, universities and most other places in the oil-rich kingdom.”

The senseless, irrational insistence on Islamic idiocy is borne out in hundreds of other articles. One unlucky woman was jailed for holding an office party that featured not only gender mixing but (the horror!) MUSIC. Another article details how a lovely wedding in a park was broken up by Haia because “the bride was not covering her face and the groom was holding her hand and hugging her sometimes.” Any mixed gender gathering can become a target for a surprise raid by Haia’s crack team of Islamic defenders. In the same article about the bride and groom, another paragraph gives the lowdown on how 42 people were arrested simply for being guests at a mixed-gender party. The last paragraph details how the sinful participants in another mixed-gender gathering “were having drugs and alcoholic drinks and some of them were moving and dancing to strange music…many of them were dancing around a fire as part of their Satanic rituals.” So good to know that Haia is keeping Saudi Arabia safe from the clutches of Satanic people who enjoy such horribly unislamic things as gender mixing, music, and dancing around a fire!

You’re not even safe in your car, in a mall parking lot. Haia’s eyes are everywhere. Just like Allah, Haia sees all, it seems. In both 2012 and 2015, unmarried couples talking in parked cars became a target of Haia’s all-seeing eye. In both cases, mixed-gender couples (coincidentally, both the women were Americans) were sitting with each other, alone in a car, even though they were neither married nor related. Of course, Haia had no choice but to intervene, break up these illicit, depraved liaisons before they led to an even greater occasion of sin.

Saudi Arabians can rest easier, knowing that their diligent, dedicated Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have recently been involved in training so that they will be better equipped “to fight magic and arrest those involved in black art in the Gulf Kingdom… the course covered theoretical and practical lessons on how to deal with magic, destroy black art work and identify magicians and sorcerers.” Haia takes the threat of witchcraft and other related “black arts” very seriously. There have been many executions of people for “sorcery” in Saudi Arabia. Their hunt for those involved in evil practices related to “magic” casts a wide net. “There have been reports of cases involving all forms of black magic, including dowsing, exorcism, money cloning, fortune tellers, healers, bone-setters, makers of potions, herbalists, palmists, animal callers, alchemists, psychics, and empathy.” Whatever your opinion of these various “black arts,” I personally believe that people have the right to gather knowledge about these assorted subjects, and practice them if they choose to. I also believe that people have the right to decide for themselves if consulting with one of these “black arts” practitioners is something they feel might be helpful to them. I find it hilariously ironic that this particular article names “empathy” as one of the “black arts.” Having empathy is a work of the devil; something to be hunted down and punished when it is encountered? Islam is so profoundly ridiculous!

It amazes me that there are STILL some clueless Muslim apologists out there who INSIST that Sharia law is compatible with the US Constitution. In Saudi Arabia, where Islamic sharia is applied most aggressively, women and men are not accorded the same freedom of movement. Freedom of assembly and freedom of association, especially when the genders are mixed, is prohibited. People are discouraged from lifting up their soul with music. People are not allowed to investigate topics they may wish to know more about. People are not allowed to ask for help from those who don’t have quite the same belief system as the repressive government. It’s ridiculous that any foolish apologist can say sharia is compatible with constitutional principles, when the glaring, nauseating example of Saudi Arabia is proving that idea more untrue with each passing day. Islam is obviously a cult that is not in favor of granting even the most basic human rights to its adherents. When MEN do a better job of granting human rights to people than a GOD does…well, isn’t it OBVIOUS that the god under discussion must logically be a false one?

~Mike S.