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“Like” a Facebook Post In Egypt…Go Directly To Jail!

Sometime in May of 2014, Egyptian Coptic Christian Kerolos Shouky Attallah was surfing Facebook and encountered a group called “Knights of the Cross,” a group meant to be supportive for Christian converts from Islam. He decided he agreed with the sentiments expressed by the group…and then he clicked the “Like” button. In that moment, Mr. Attallah’s life changed forever.

By the end of May, intolerant Muslims in his village of Al-Mahamid, near Luxor, discovered he had “liked” this page. As one might expect, these Muslims felt personally abused by their neighbor’s sign of utter disrespect for Islam, and they grew steadily more agitated with each passing day. Mr. Attallah realized at this point that he had made a serious error, went back to Facebook, and “unliked” the Facebook group. However, it was too late; the damage was done.

The fanatical Muslims circulated pamphlets to every Muslim in the village, inciting them to vengeance against Mr. Attallah for the gross insult he had committed against Islam…by liking the Facebook page. One leaflet read, “You will not be men if you don’t kick him out of your village.” On the morning of May 29, 2014, an explosive mob of infuriated Muslims came raging to Mr. Attallah’s doorstep. Only the intervention of the police, who, coincidentally, were there to arrest Mr. Attallah for his savage crime against humanity, saved Mr. Attallah from suffering what would have undoubtedly been a horribly brutal fate. He was the only one arrested. Neither the authors of the pamphlets nor any member of the raging mob were arrested.

The Muslims in the village found that having Mr. Attallah in jail did not heal the wounds his horrific act had created in their hearts. They discovered that terrorizing the minority Coptic Christians in the village was much more restorative for them. According to one source, “up until the day before the sentencing, Muslims were intermittently attacking Christian-owned homes and businesses, using the Facebook site as an excuse.” Several Christian-owned shops and businesses were burned to the ground by virulent mobs. All because…someone clicked “like” on a Facebook group.

On June 24th, Kerolos Shouky Attallah was sentenced to six years in prison. He was given three years for violating Article 98F of the Egypt Penal Code, defaming a divinely revealed religion, and three years for violating Article 176, inciting sectarian violence. He joins the ever-growing group of unfortunates around the world who have been unjustly deprived of freedom by the totalitarian, repressive cult of Islam. He joins Asia Bibi, slowly withering away in prison under sentence of death for blasphemy in Pakistan. He joins Gad Yunan, also a Coptic Christian from Egypt, who also received six years on a similarly bogus and trumped up blasphemy charge. He joins countless others across the Islamic world who face cruel and unusual punishments because they had an opinion contrary to that of the Muslim hive-mind. Mr. Attallah is now in prison…and his entire family’s life has been ruined…for clicking “like” on a Facebook page.

This is not some sick and depressing fiction of a warped dystopia, folks. This is reality, and it’s happening NOW, on our planet, to our fellow humans. We cannot and must not countenance this nonsense any longer. It’s time we all started calling these Islamic actions out for what they are. Blasphemy laws are anti-human rights. Blasphemy laws are the outgrowth of an insecure cult that cannot withstand any sort of logical scrutiny or questioning. Blasphemy laws are an attempt by the brainwashed to stamp out anything that might threaten their fragile programming. Everything about blasphemy laws violates any notion we in the west have of what true freedom means. It’s time we, all of us, as a group, stood up for those who have been robbed of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by sickening blasphemy laws. Only a weak, feeble, and pathetic god (or prophet) would need protection from mocking by puny, mortal humans. And a weak, feeble god can only be a false one.

~Mike S.


Facebook: Muslim Group Urging Genocide of Ahmadi Sect “Doesn’t Violate Our Community Standards.”

In my previous post, I discussed the leader of a militant Islamic group in Hyderabad, India, Arshad Ali Qasmi, and how he was instrumental in having a publisher of civil service test study guides arrested, because the contents of the guides “hurt Muslim sentiments.” I talked about how he is the leader of a militant Islamic group with the long and tongue-tangling name of “Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat Trust.” Here is the group’s description of itself, copied directly from Facebook:

“Majlis Tahaffuz e khatme Nubuwwat Trust A.P (INDIA) is establish in the year 2001. The sole purpose and mission behind the establishment is the annihilation of these destructive mischief mongers of Qadiyan, so that the boundless treasure of strong fondness for Prophet Muhammad (sw) and love of Almighty may survive and thrive among Muslims and their future generations. Thus, in this cause, MTKN has been working tirelessly towards the preservation of Khatme Nubuwwat, and the extermination of Qadianis.”

A few words of explanation: Qadiyan/Qadianis is a derogatory term for those who follow the Ahmadi sect of Islam. The issue is that the Ahmadi do not believe Mohammed was the last prophet. To most Muslims, this is heresy and blasphemy. The Quran and many hadiths have Mohammed stating that he is the last prophet. Since the Ahmadi don’t believe this, many Muslims, including this group, see them as “destructive mischief mongers.” The term Khatme Nubuwwat means the unity of Muslims in believing that Mohammed was indeed the last prophet of God. The Ahmadi are seen as spreading discord and having a negative impact on the cohesion of the Muslim Umma.

This group boldly states that their “sole purpose” behind their group is “the annihilation of these destructive mischief mongers of Qadiyan.” They claim to have been “working tirelessly towards the preservation of Khatme Nubuwwat, and the extermination of Qadianis.” Suppose someone else started a group whose sole purpose was the annihilation of these destructive mischief monger Muslims; the extermination of Muslims? Wouldn’t you think that if someone created a group like this, a group recommending genocide, that Facebook would remove it as soon as it was reported? Indeed, I know that groups like this have been removed from Facebook.

But apparently, to Mark Zuckerberg and his thoroughly dhimmified, Islam-apologist company, Ahmadi lives don’t matter. I reported the group to Facebook last night, shortly after I published my previous blog post. This morning, I received a reply. Facebook said this: “We reviewed the Page you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.” So it appears that militant Muslims urging genocide of a persecuted sect is within Facebook’s Community Standards, and isn’t considered to be hate speech. Ridiculous, Mark Zuckerberg. You know damn well that if a group surfaced urging “annihilation” and “extermination” of Muslims, that group would be deleted immediately. Knock it off with the hypocrisy and Community Double Standards. Stand up for REAL human rights for a change. Erase this Islamic message of hate toward the Ahmadi Muslim community in India. NONE of the Muslim terrorists who have attacked the United States have been from the Ahmadi sect; just sayin.’

To everyone else who reads this: here’s a link to the page of this offensive group of Muslim haters. Go report it to Facebook. Perhaps if enough people report this page, it will indeed be removed, and you’ll have helped erase just a little of the Islamic stain from the world. No true higher spirit would recommend genocide for a group that believes differently. Religion is a creation of man; not of the higher spirit. There are many pathways to the higher spirit. None of these involve recommending extermination for some of your fellow travelers here on the planet because of their differing theologies. Report this hate-filled Islamic page. If you get the response that the page doesn’t violate Community Standards, click on the ‘frowny face’ that appears when you are asked to rate your reporting experience; then give Facebook an earful about how the page you reported supports genocide….and urging genocide against ANYONE isn’t a part of MY Community Standards.

~Mike S.

Muslim Accuser of Indian Publisher Jailed For “Hurting Sentiments”…Recommends Genocide For Ahmadi Muslims!

In Hyderabad, India, on Friday January 29th, Bandla Sai Babu, owner and editor of the publishing company Bandla Publications Private Limited, was arrested and charged with hurting the sentiments of Muslims. His publishing company publishes the study guides used by people trying to pass the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) exams. These tests are essentially civil service exams for Telangana State, the federal division of India in which Hyderabad is located. According to his accuser, Sai Babu published a study guide in which the history of Islam was “distorted”. The book also allegedly contained “an imaginary picture of Prophet Mohammed.” Exactly why a study guide for a civil service exam would need to contain a section on Islam and Mohammed remains, at this point, a mystery. I don’t expect to ever see the exact picture of Mohammed, or be able to read the offensive words, either. Basic human rights like being confronted in public with the evidence against you don’t apply to blasphemy cases. Showing the evidence in court is considered the same thing as repeating the blasphemy all over again. One more right lost to Indians under creeping sharia.

His primary accuser is a man named Arshad Ali Qasmi. Mr. Ali Qasmi is the leader of a Muslim group called “Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat Trust.” Further investigation revealed that the sole purpose of this organization is “the annihilation of these destructive mischief mongers of Qadiyan.” (Screen capture of page is below.) Qadiyani is a derogatory term used in India and Pakistan to refer to Ahmadi Muslims, a sect of Islam that believes that Mohammed was not the final prophet of God. So, to recap: The Muslim accuser, Arshad Ali Qasmi, was offended by a picture and a few words in a book, and yet he heads a group that has as its mission the genocide of Ahmadi Muslims.


You are a very disturbed person, Arshad Ali Qasmi. How DARE you preach that people need to be exterminated just because they don’t believe the same thing about Mohammed as you do! Talk about hate speech! What the hell is wrong with you? If your god recommends killing ANYONE because of their religious beliefs, then your god is false. It doesn’t get any more straight-up than that. Stop the arrogant nonsense…because a true god would NEVER want to kill Ahmadi Muslims. A true god would also never worry about a few scribblings in a stupid test manual or a picture of a 1400 years-dead pedophile. A true higher spirit would never involve itself in petty human interactions such as that. If your “sentiments” are harmed by that, then maybe you need to grow some thicker skin to shelter your precious sentiments a little better. I also hope that the Ahmadis who live in Telengana State file a FIR against YOU and have YOU thrown in jail for hurting THEIR religious sentiments. I’m sure your public threats to slaughter them all, would be considered a more hurtful thing in a fair and objective court than your little crybaby complaints about a picture and some “offensive” phrases. Get over yourself, Arshad…and get over your false religion while you’re at it.

~Mike S.

Arshad Al Qasmi, who preaches that Ahmadi Muslims must be "exterminated."
Arshad Al Qasmi, who preaches that Ahmadi Muslims must be “exterminated.”


Bonus picture of Mohammed to give Arshad Ali Qasmi another thing to get huffy about.
Bonus picture of Mohammed to give Arshad Ali Qasmi another thing to get huffy about.


A Letter To Muslim Fox Debate Participant Nabela Noor, Who Appears Ignorant of Inconvenient Islamic Facts!

Nabela Noor, the young Muslim woman who has been invited to ask a question at Thursday’s Fox/Google Republican Debate, appears to be a typical American Muslim in many ways. Her Youtube channel, which brought her to the attention of the people at Fox, consists mostly of “DIY” makeup and beauty tips. She does not wear a headcovering, although her mother does. She married a Christian man from a different background. She gives the impression that she has assimilated well into American culture as a second-generation American. She is a bubbly woman making a life of her own in the only country she has ever really known.

Dear Nabela,
I don’t doubt you when you say in your video that you are a loyal American. I understand that what you perceive as “growing Islamophobia” would bother you and your family. However, you’re ignoring the root cause of the growing fear and suspicion of Muslims. It’s not people like Trump, Cruz, and Carson. It’s not people like Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, or Mark Steyn. It’s the fact that more people are waking up to what the ideology of Islam truly believes, and the negative effect the beliefs of Islam are having on our planet.

How do you feel about the apostasy laws, where people who switch their religion from Islam are given the death penalty? These laws, directly descended from the words of Mohammed, hold sway in 19 Islamic countries. This is not a minority of extremists…it’s the governments of 19 countries! Obviously, killing someone for switching religions is a major violation of a basic human right…the right to believe what you want regarding a higher spirit. I am sure you are the kind of person who does not believe apostasy from Islam is a punishable crime. However, what YOU believe is of little consequence. Islam believes apostasy IS a crime, and freedom-loving, human-rights supporting people all over the world are waking up and soundly rejecting this idea.

What about blasphemy laws, where people are held to account for words or deeds that are seen as “injuring religious sentiments” of a Muslim by somehow insulting the prophet? Islamic blasphemy laws are enforced in 9 countries and parts of Malaysia. They are derived from reliable hadith verses in which Mohammed gave orders that those who mocked him should be killed. Illiterate children have been beaten and jailed because they unknowingly burned parts of an Islamic text in the hopes of being warm for just a little while. Asia Bibi still rots in a Pakistani jail for having the gall to claim that Jesus was better than Mohammed. I’m sure an enlightened person like you rejects the notion that people could be put in jail or even killed for the words that came out of their mouth. But, again, what you believe doesn’t really matter. Mohammed had people killed who mocked him. Blasphemy laws originate from these acts of Mohammed, and are a violation of human rights. Free speech is a cornerstone of American values. All speech, even speech that might be upsetting or unnerving to you, is protected under our Constitution and under the ethos upon which this nation was founded. It has become clear, from events in the past years, that Islam does not believe in free speech, and is quick to take offense if someone points out unwelcome truths in Islamic doctrine. People who love liberty soundly reject the idea that speaking out against ideology that is tyrannical or oppressive should be censored or punished.

You appear to be a free-spirited, independent woman. Can you honestly say you agree with the way Mohammed recommended women be treated in the quran and in hadith? Do you agree with 2:223, where it says that wives are a husband’s “tilth”, or land ready to plow, and the husband can plow his field and sow his seeds any time he likes? Do you agree with the idea that one male witness has the same reliability as two women in Islamic courts? Do you agree with Mohammed’s pronouncement that women get half as much as men when estates are settled? Do you agree with Mohammed when he says that the majority of the residents of Hell are women, and that women have half the intelligence of men? Do you agree with Mohammed when he told his men it was perfectly ok to have sex with the female prisoners they had captured? Do you agree with the Quran where it says that wives may be beaten (lightly) for non-compliance? Do you agree that women should never take a trip without a ‘mahram’, or male relative to watch over them? All of these things are in the Quran and hadith, and, like it or not, they are reflected in many Islamic countries’ versions of Sharia Law. I believe that women are equal to men, and that NO religion has the right to treat women as second class citizens before the law…or anywhere else.

What’s your opinion on the cruel and unusual punishments administered by Islamic countries? Beheading for sorcerers in Saudi Arabia, hanging for gays in Iran, chopping off the hands of thieves in Somalia…all of these punishments come straight from the prophet’s mouth. Does this truth distress you? If it does, I’m sorry. But I feel you need to be fully aware of what you are supporting. You need to think long and deeply about what Islam means to you. Do you REALLY believe all these terrible, anti-human-rights ideas would come from a perfect God and a perfect prophet? And despite what you said in your video, that Islam does not represent violence or terror, there are many, many verses in the Quran that prove you wrong. Try 9:29. Or maybe 8:12—“Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.” This sure sounds like a violent message to me! 17 of the 20 most deadly conflicts worldwide in 2015 had Muslims as combatants on one or both sides of the conflict. This does not give the desired image of a “religion of peace,” and gives the lie to your statement about Islam being violence and terror-free.

Instead of becoming a political activist to fight the false concept of “Islamophobia,” you should become a political activist to fight all the oppressive elements of Islam. I don’t know how you deal with the duality in your brain…part of your brain indoctrinated with the message “Perfect God, perfect prophet, final religion” and the other part of your brain having to constantly process the obvious wrongs contained in Islamic theology. You will never get anywhere while your mind is being pulled in two opposing directions. Abandon the falsity of Islam. Trying to defend the indefensible is a loser’s game. No, I’m not saying you should become a Christian. Christianity has its own set of issues. But I know you are intelligent enough to see the utter hypocrisy of it all. Free yourself. Be the independent woman you sometimes feel as if you are inside. You can’t put the “Islamophobia” djinn back in the bottle. Societal resistance will only grow as more people learn the truth. Stand up for true human rights instead of standing up for something that has already shown it would eradicate freedom, if given the power to do so. Free your mind of the duality. Acknowledge what you know in your heart to be true. Help the oppressed. Make a TRUE and meaningful stand for human rights…a stand against Islam. THAT would be the genuinely logical thing to do here. Thanks for listening.


Michael X Shapson

CAIR’s Nihad Awad Spouts Predictable Burst of Defensive Taqiyya!

In an article published on CAIR’s (Council of American Islamic Relations) website, January 21, 2016, National Executive Director Nihad Awad defends suspended Wheaton College professor Larycia Hawkins. Hawkins was placed on paid administrative leave from her position after posting the following on Facebook: “I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book, and as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.” Wheaton College decided to suspend her after reading this statement, claiming they needed “more time to explore significant questions regarding the theological implications of her recent public statements, including but not limited to those indicating the relationship of Christianity to Islam.” Ms. Hawkins declined to participate in further sessions meant to explore Wheaton College’s questions, and her employment at the college could be terminated.

This private, Christian college has the right to hire and fire whoever it likes if they feel that an employee has violated the college’s Statement of Faith. I understand the nature of some of the questions Wheaton College might have for Ms. Hawkins. I would want to discuss exactly what she is trying to say when she says she “stands in religious solidarity with Muslims.” Islam explicitly denies the Trinity. It denies Jesus was the Son of God. It says the crucifixion never occurred. It denies the Resurrection of Jesus, and the idea that Jesus died so that sinners may be forgiven. It relegates Jesus to the status of just another prophet, and says that he was merely a man. Where are the grounds for Christians to stand in religious solidarity with Islam? If I was a Christian, I would, indeed, have some serious questions for Ms. Hawkins.

Mr. Awad discusses his belief that the Christian God and the Islamic God are the same. He quotes a line from the Quran meant to soothe us, meant to assuage our fear and unreasoning Islamophobia:

“(Rest assured that) those who believe (in the Quran), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians. . .whoever believes in God and the last day and performs good deeds – will be rewarded by their Lord. They will have nothing to fear or to regret.” (The Holy Quran, 2:62)

This verse is nothing but Taqiyya-mush. Mr. Awad neglects to tell us that this verse has been abrogated. Briefly, abrogation is an Islamic belief (backed up by Quran 2:106) that Quranic doctrine and practices revealed later, supersede earlier verses that might be contradictory. Therefore, this verse is rendered completely irrelevant by the much later Quran 9:29—

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Mr. Awad implicitly takes the college to task when he says, “Throughout history, rigid – and inaccurate – theological positions on the nature of God and on the beliefs of other faiths resulted in conflict and lost opportunities for mutual understanding.” Who set him up as an authority to judge whether or not theological positions on the nature of God are inaccurate? He gives the usual vague condemnation of ISIS as “anti-Islamic” but offers no details. He throws in a blanket condemnation of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, smearing them as religious and political extremists. He then finishes his taqiyya-burst with this deliciously ironic gem: “It is up to the mainstream followers of all faiths to reject rigid and extremist ideologies and to come together to marginalize extremists of all stripes.”

Great, Mr. Mainstream Follower of Islam, Nihad Awad! I’m sure you are itching to do just that…reject rigid and extremist ideologies. I DARE you to do more than make vague promises. If CAIR really represents the mainstream followers of the one true religion, then CAIR should be able to come out with a statement explicitly condemning the brutal apostasy laws in Islamic countries. You should also condemn the sickening blasphemy laws that imprison, torture, and kill people just for the words out of their mouths. While you’re at it, you should specifically protest against the second class status for women that is a part of Sharia in many Islamic countries. Women and men have equal souls, Nihad, and should be equal in ALL facets of the law. CAIR should also protest against the laws that oppress homosexuals in Islamic countries. In our enlightened 21st Century, Nihad, there is no room for rigid and extremist ideologies like these. I think CAIR should come out against all these practices, in an effort to “marginalize extremists of all stripes.”

I’m sure you won’t have the guts to come out against any of these practices, Nihad Awad. No real god would want these things going on in its name. If Allah needs these things to happen, then he is no true God. CAIR needs to come out against these evil practices that were sanctioned by Mohammed. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for your condemnation of these practices of Islam, however. You’re only good at spewing taqiyya. You haven’t had much experience with the truth.

~Mike S.


Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice…Islamic Ridiculousness!

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (AKA “Haia”) is the long arm of Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia. Their level of intrusiveness into society, and their intolerance of anything that hints of basic human rights, is another indictment of Islam as repressive and totalitarian when put into practice. A true religion would be respectful of human rights rather than fanatical in its repression of them.

One example of the systemic violation of basic human rights by Haia is their enforcement of the Islamic rule that indiscriminate mixing of the sexes is not allowed. No matter what the Islamic apologists might claim, the idea that Allah wants segregation of the sexes is well documented in Islamic texts. A good summary of this issue from the Muslim point of view can be found here. Haia, righteous in their pursuit of perfect Sharia, tirelessly pursues any rumor of unlawful, uncalled for, illicit mingling between unrelated men and women. Disgruntled neighbors will make anonymous phone calls to report the goings-on of the loud neighbors downstairs…and suddenly three people are trundled off to jail simply because they are not the same sex, not related, and having dinner together. Parties where men and women could socialize are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and Haia will come and take all revelers to jail. An actor from Kuwait was arrested and thrown in jail for the crime of taking selfies in a mall with star-struck females who were not his relatives. Complete asinine nonsense…and all of it completely backed up by the words of the “perfect” prophet.

This is just more proof that anyone who says Sharia is compatible with the US Constitution is either ignorant or a liar. The First Amendment, in the Bill of Rights, guarantees to all of us the unabridged right to peaceably assemble. Most people, by now, are aware that Islam is anti-free speech. What more people need to realize is that, under Sharia, the ENTIRE Bill of Rights would vanish. The freedom to peaceably assemble is just ONE of the basic rights the tyrannical cult of Islam would take away. No true higher spirit/deity would take away basic human rights. How can Islam be a true religion when it can’t even respect some of the most essential freedoms? Why would a hateful ideology like this be deserving of even the slightest hint of respect or deference?

~Mike S.